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Game Plot:

Shadowrun is a very famous and popular action game made for Super Nintendo Entertainment. There were the professional game designers of an Australian company by the name of Beam Software who develop this famous game way back in 1993. The game is basically based on the novel, Never Deal with a Dragon, on Robert N. Charrette in which he has situated his story in Seattle in 2050. The story revolves around the main character which is the Jake Armitage who has been wounded critically by the assassins and as a result Jake is now suffering from a disease called Amnesia.

In such context you have to be vigilant in the game because those assassins are still after you. Now Jake is searching the streets to know what actually is going on and for this you have little time since the assassins could find you any time. The clues will push you more into the story as it continues and meanwhile small goal of reaching specific places would be given to you and you will have to fulfill such tasks.

Moving forward will yield you the magic spell which you can use as the game progresses and becomes more difficult. Whether it’s a fight with the vampires or the goal achievement there is always something going on that basically holds your keen interest in the game. When you kill an enemy in the game you will receive money that will help you to buy Karma. This is needed to make your health better and more over the money could be used to purchase the weapons from the shops that come in the way.

In the game computer also plays a vital role for transferring of money and searching the grids to see the hidden things and tasks to be completed. It is also possible to contact those people that could help you achieve your goal even without directly meeting them. In the game there are many enemies veiling in different professions such as doctors and businessman.


There is play back music going on in the game which changes with the going situations such as at times it is adventurous while on other time it is quite haunted. Some humorous moments are also included in the game such as girlfriend ditching Jake. In the game you are able to explore the city as you fight with your enemies. Overall a fabulous game to play that keeps your interest in the game for a long time.

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The Warcraft: Frozen Throne (Dota) is being played globally and has become very much popular. Inspired with the game, Heroes of Newerth was introduced with some improved graphics and features. As the features of both games are the same, not much detail is required on the gameplay other than that it promotes teamwork, improves the sense of leadership, increases concentration and provides with some other mental benefits.

The only thing that makes this game outstanding is the new and unique characters that dominate the game. Following is a list of all the characters included in the Heroes of Newerth:

Accursed: A hero burning all over with a hell-fire and holding a sword. The aim of Accursed is to fight in favor of Hellbourne.

Arachna: One of the most dangerous heroes, Arachna spreads fear all over the battlefield through the protection of chiton (a substance that is the main ingredient of exoskeleton) which is really strong. The clever techniques and moves allow Arachna to trap and encounter the opponent very brutally.

Andromeda:Another great warrior having an aim to destroy the Hellbourne completely.

Armadon: A hero with sentinel strength.

Balphagore: A Hero that eats corpses and fights to protect the Hellbourne.

Behemoth:Hero with strength.

Blacksmith: Created a large variety of weapons and armor but the Hellbourne forced the blacksmith to run towards the battlefield.

Blood Hunter: As the name tells, blood hunter is a hero that survives on the blood of his enemies and gets healed very fast.

Bombardier: An insane hero that makes use of his bombs to eliminate the enemy. A substitute is an air strike that the hero calls for.

Bubbles: This hero is a wizard who uses a turtle to curse and attack enemies with magic spells.

Chiprel: A hero that can be found anywhere. Either this hero is very small or very large in size.

Chronos: A great warrior with mastery in some skills.

Corrupted Disciple: this is an agility hero.

Dampeer: Another great Hero.

Deadwood: This hero was the keeper of the forest and was resurrected. He has the melee strength.

Demented Shaman: This hero is a priest who betrayed his force and now fights for the Hellbourne. He has the ability to heal other heroes and defeat enemies.

Devourer: Another great melee strength hero in the game.

These mentioned heroes are some of all the heroes available in the game. This can show how interesting the game would be as the heroes are very special.

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