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Fantasy Life

This is the ultimate game for lovers of side quests. It will only appeal to you if you belong to a certain niche, so beware. If you belong to its niche, you’ll love it! You can spend all your time competing tasks to collect component items to create more equipment to do still more tasks! It may seem like repetitive drivel at first glance, but it’s actually a pretty solid game to play. In fact, you don’t even have to engage in fights if you don’t want to. You can simply quest your way to the top of the game!


D4 is a game that’s crazy in all the right ways. Playing it is a bizarre experience, especially as it is a mash of point and click and detective style gameplay. You’ll encounter weird characters and long sequences that are extremely addictive, especially if you’re using a Kinect. There’s only one issue with the game, which is the fact that it’s incomplete and the only season ends with nail-biting suspense.

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call

Square Enix’s newest rhythm game does not disappoint. Themed on the Final Fantasy series, and intended as an expansion of the original Theatrhythm, this game has actually turned out to be a much better version of Theatrhythm. It has most of what Theatrhythm already had in terms of content while expanding on several areas. If this game looks so good, what about the next one expected in the series? We’ll be waiting eagerly for that one.

Escape Goat 2

This is a platforming game where the stars are a goat and a magical mouse. Sounds crazy? It is, but you’ll love it!! It brings new features on every new level, and the gameplay mechanics are just spectacular. It also has highly developed physics engine, and playing it can be a tortuous yet rewarding experience.

Fantasia: Music Evolved

Created by Harmonix, playing this game is an amazing experience. It mixes music-remixing and motion-tracking in a way that will take your breath away. Moreover, it is fun to play, but explaining the game is like trying to explain color to a blind man; you can’t know it till you experience it.

Hay Day

Hay Day is a creation of SuperCell, the company behind Clash of Clans and Boom Beach. It’s free to play, and it isn’t exploitative. It’s also lots of fun to play and it can addict you very quickly.

Honorable mention:

This game has made a huge impact on the mobile games market and in honor of that, we’ll tell you a secret. Everybody has heard of clash of clans… I was lucky enough to get free Clash of Clans accounts from so I tried it out and got very addicted. I thought I was only gonna try it out for a week to review it, but looks like I’m even considering paying money for it.

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Not many things can be given the tag of ‘greatest’. But sometimes you come across something so amazing that it alters your entire view of the world, or opens your eyes to something that you had never understood before. These ten animes are that type of show; watch them and feel the amazement!

  1. Akira

This is an exquisitely rendered anime by Katsuhiro Otomo. Even though it was released in the late 1980s, it was one of the (extremely) few animations that targeted adults, and made everyone realize that anime was not only a child’s pastime. Set in the near-future, the show dealt with teens facing a military government carrying out experiments to learn more, and even unlock mental powers. The series is totally Japanese, but its story and characters appealed to everyone, and still continue to do so today.

  1. Nausicaä of the Valley of Wind


This is a show that can make you laugh, cry, and laugh and cry at the same time. Written in a post-apocalyptic world, it leaves you hanging on to every word said in the hope that the suspense will be broken. It makes you choose between two sides, where one is clearly wrong, and that is mankind. In a world where Mother Nature is slowly purifying itself, how does man cope with new circumstances? Can he put down his destructive side and see the error of his ways?

  1. Neon Genesis Evangelion

Neon Genesis Evangelion

The original masterpiece that inspired a lot of the anime you see today, Evangelion was decades ahead of its time. It explored concepts that are considered sophisticated today, blending them into an enchanting storyline that left viewers helplessly addicted to it. This show was a completely new re-imagining of a dusty old genre, the giant robot genre. Its raw power and characterization appealed to millions of viewers.

  1. My Neighbor Totoro

my neighbor totoro

Miyazaki’s most liked work is Spirited Away, which broke a dozen records when it was released. However, his best work might well be My Neighbor Totoro. Written from the perspective of two young sisters who move and go to the countryside, this show seems very simple and one-dimensional at first glance. But the deeper you get into its story, the more you will be amazed at the mesmerizing genius of Miyazaki. Watching this show brings back memories of youth, and how it used to feel without any stresses and problems except the ones you gave yourself.

  1. Ghost in the Shell

ghost in the shell

Masamune Shirow’s creation wasn’t considered important at first. All that changed when the anime movie was released in 1995. Originally a story about the effects of the Internet and modern technology would affect crimes, the movie was about a cyborg that was exploring life and trying to understand it. Things are complicated by technology, since technology had created a virtual world as real as the real world. Not many movies achieve such levels of introspection, but Ghost in the Shell was undoubtedly one of them.

  1. Macross/ Robotech


Macross is an epic story spanning several interesting concepts. It has had more than five versions released, and it is still known as one of the best romantic animes ever. It taught a whole generation about love, about how it can easily become a dysfunctional thing, about how it can be a beautiful thing. Macross was an unexpected hit, a romantic show when blow-it-up action shows were the norm.

  1. FLCL


FLCL was a weird hodgepodge of things that Kazuya Tsurumaki thought were cool. Lasting only six episodes, it was a surreal mixture of rock bands, robots, bass guitars, and even baseball. Most people would think that such a show would be a dumb attempt at something nice, but most people would be wrong. FLCL managed to be an entertaining and immersive coming-of-age story about how a twelve year old kid tries to cope with an alien girl crash-landing into his life.

  1. Serial Experiments Lain

Serial Experiments Lain

Set in a virtual world, this show is similar to Ghost in the Shell, but it focuses on completely different issues. Serial Experiments deals with a woman called Lain who has several aspects of herself in the virtual world. She has to try and figure out who she really is, and what makes the show so successful is that we can all relate with that. Trying to figure out exactly who you are? We’ve all been there.

  1. Grave of the Fireflies

grave of the fireflies

Grave of the Fireflies is perhaps one of the saddest shows to have ever been made. It is a war film, but it shows one of the most realistic and poignant sides of war. It concentrates on the civilians, those who have nothing to do with a war but are hurt the most by it. Watching small children become orphans and slowly starve to death is an emotional experience, and anyone who watches this will leave with a heavy heart and the desire to embrace pacifism.

10. Perfect Blue

perfect blue

The first film by Satoshi Kon, this is a heart rending story about a young woman pushed to the razor-sharp line between sanity and madness. It is a crime thriller, and unexpectedly for an anime, does not use special effects. The realistic style of the film cannot be discredited, and the relatable story pulls you into it. From the beginning to the end, the suspense is palpable, and when the mystery is solved, you will be left gaping at the sheer, amazing genius of the director.

All this shows are powerful and moving animes, and if you want to watch them right now, head right over to My Anime, and take advantage of their free anime streaming service!

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A teenager from Georgia, Kane Zipperman became famous after sharing his break up story at Twitter. He claims that he loved the girl madly and was heart broken when he found that she has cheated on him with his best friend. Kane immediately broke up with the girl over text. She pleaded a lot with him but Kane stayed firm on his decision. The conversation was an interesting one with the girl making desperate attempts to get Kane back and Kane in turn coming up with hilarious retorts.

People loved his break up tweet and kept on retweeting them. Within a few weeks Kane became famous on twitter. From just 2000 followers he suddenly had 30000 followers after his tweet went viral. There are people who are obsessively spending time and money on how to get more followers on twitter and all this kid had to do is publicize his very commonplace break up.

break up messsage

Kane himself has admitted that he was enjoying his new found popularity. He even went as far as saying that he is the Martin Luther King for people who have been cheated on.

This is not the first time than Kane got a taste of fame. Earlier also a picture of him wearing an orange T-shirt with a Tiger on it had gone viral. He was probably born with the viral streak in him.

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China is having a hard time in fighting pollution which has continued to worsen each day. The launching of $8.13billion environmental protection fund policy to curb pollution is one step ahead that the country has taken. Though these funds will be allocated to critical industries, there is no industry that has been specified yet. Analysts are anticipating that some of these funds will go to the water treatment industry. This policy has been welcomed because it is being viewed as a solution to environment protection because; the role played by pollution treatment industries will be boosted.

Pollution has been one of Chinas’ problems at hand that requires urgent action to be taken. The government has been able to come up with solutions which include: eliminating some high-polluting plants, installing pollution controls especially on coal-fired plants and altering requirements for particulate matter reduction. The government has also been able to come up with trial emission trading program in several cities. The program requires annual absolute emissions reductions in all companies in service and manufacturing sectors. Economists are viewing the market-based solutions as the best to curb external pollution. The solution will help both private and public actors to reduce pollution using price signals.

Although these policies have been enacted, there is a major problem when it comes to implementing them. Major stakeholders which include major corporations of the state, state owned enterprises among others have refused to comply or are reluctant to comply with environmental protection policies. State owned enterprises are supposed to be forced to comply with these policies if not; pollution will still be a major problem. The government of China has extensive environment regulations but the problem is implementing them. This is why even installing  air purifiers built for the whole house is a problem.

Despite having all these regulation on book, there are several steps that the government has to take. The use of coal which is being used widely with some major companies in China has to be regulated. Coal that has to be used is supposed to be used less than 2% and companies using coal have to install dust removal equipments. Let’s face the fact, China is one of the industrialized countries in this third world generation but it has more than enough to do to deal with pollution problem. All major companies both private and public and everyone have to come together and implement these policies if they have to win the war against pollution.

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Things that you can put on your wrist that will tell you time, date, texts, news, heart rate, calories burned, and even take your phone calls will be a hot ticket item this year. Look no further, for all your seasonal smart watch insider info is right here. Lot’s of great websites have fantastic holiday deals on hot items. So, let’s take a look at the every growing smart watch market and see what current deals will look best on your wrist.

smartwatchFirst on the docket for popular emerging smart watches, we have teaming up with a U.K. based online music provider known as 7Digital; he has ambitions to design and develop his on watch; though the name still remains a mystery, people are already discussing it’s streaming abilities as a huge selling point. Don’t look forward to buying it this Christmas though, it won’t be ready to launch until July.


The Pebble smart watch is next up for items to watch this holiday season. You can grab these at a discounted price using these UK Shopping Promo Codes. This device is though to be the smart watch to truly gather mass interest by larger companies looking to invest in this line of gadgets.


smartwatch 2The Pebble was funded through the website KickStarter, and broke records when The Pebble Technology Corporation raised $10.3 million, a record for the time. The watch is compatible with both iOS and Android devices, and is one of the most popular smart watches on the market right now.



smartwatch 3Another smart watch, and wisely budged device you can look towards this season is the Berowatch Air W2. watch pairs with all Android cellular devices, and has been met with some lukewarm reviews. Though, the pricing is extremely affordable, coming in at around $84, some complaints have been about it’s bluetooth pairing, muffled sounding voice during phone calls, and a lack of a proper instruction manual. Some people love it, and others simply want something more user friendly and consumer driven.