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China is having a hard time in fighting pollution which has continued to worsen each day. The launching of $8.13billion environmental protection fund policy to curb pollution is one step ahead that the country has taken. Though these funds will be allocated to critical industries, there is no industry that has been specified yet. Analysts are anticipating that some of these funds will go to the water treatment industry. This policy has been welcomed because it is being viewed as a solution to environment protection because; the role played by pollution treatment industries will be boosted.

Pollution has been one of Chinas’ problems at hand that requires urgent action to be taken. The government has been able to come up with solutions which include: eliminating some high-polluting plants, installing pollution controls especially on coal-fired plants and altering requirements for particulate matter reduction. The government has also been able to come up with trial emission trading program in several cities. The program requires annual absolute emissions reductions in all companies in service and manufacturing sectors. Economists are viewing the market-based solutions as the best to curb external pollution. The solution will help both private and public actors to reduce pollution using price signals.

Although these policies have been enacted, there is a major problem when it comes to implementing them. Major stakeholders which include major corporations of the state, state owned enterprises among others have refused to comply or are reluctant to comply with environmental protection policies. State owned enterprises are supposed to be forced to comply with these policies if not; pollution will still be a major problem. The government of China has extensive environment regulations but the problem is implementing them. This is why even installing  air purifiers built for the whole house is a problem.

Despite having all these regulation on book, there are several steps that the government has to take. The use of coal which is being used widely with some major companies in China has to be regulated. Coal that has to be used is supposed to be used less than 2% and companies using coal have to install dust removal equipments. Let’s face the fact, China is one of the industrialized countries in this third world generation but it has more than enough to do to deal with pollution problem. All major companies both private and public and everyone have to come together and implement these policies if they have to win the war against pollution.

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Things that you can put on your wrist that will tell you time, date, texts, news, heart rate, calories burned, and even take your phone calls will be a hot ticket item this year. Look no further, for all your seasonal smart watch insider info is right here. Lot’s of great websites have fantastic holiday deals on hot items. So, let’s take a look at the every growing smart watch market and see what current deals will look best on your wrist.

smartwatchFirst on the docket for popular emerging smart watches, we have teaming up with a U.K. based online music provider known as 7Digital; he has ambitions to design and develop his on watch; though the name still remains a mystery, people are already discussing it’s streaming abilities as a huge selling point. Don’t look forward to buying it this Christmas though, it won’t be ready to launch until July.


The Pebble smart watch is next up for items to watch this holiday season. You can grab these at a discounted price using these UK Shopping Promo Codes. This device is though to be the smart watch to truly gather mass interest by larger companies looking to invest in this line of gadgets.


smartwatch 2The Pebble was funded through the website KickStarter, and broke records when The Pebble Technology Corporation raised $10.3 million, a record for the time. The watch is compatible with both iOS and Android devices, and is one of the most popular smart watches on the market right now.



smartwatch 3Another smart watch, and wisely budged device you can look towards this season is the Berowatch Air W2. watch pairs with all Android cellular devices, and has been met with some lukewarm reviews. Though, the pricing is extremely affordable, coming in at around $84, some complaints have been about it’s bluetooth pairing, muffled sounding voice during phone calls, and a lack of a proper instruction manual. Some people love it, and others simply want something more user friendly and consumer driven.

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This lovely newlywed couple are now the proud owners of The Mill House. The Mill House is a lovely 17th- century manor that is on the River Thames in the British countryside and has an amazing nine bedrooms and eight bathrooms. The home is said to be fit for a king and queen.

This beautiful couple closed on their new home only nine days after their wedding. The Oscar winner and lawyer will be the king and queen over this beautiful estate with crystal chandeliers and floor-to-ceiling drapes. The entire house looks like something out of a dream.

The Mill House sits on a four-acre island in the Thames as it straddles the counties of Oxfordshire and Berkshire. They have a lovely garden with a wood-hewn footbridge over a peaceful stream along with outdoor patio furniture. The flowers are beyond beautiful, and the bushes are exquisite.

While we do not know how much this couple paid for the home, it had been listed at $16 million dollars. The home is beautiful and would leave anyone that entered entirely speechless. The marble and gorgeous central staircase are jaw dropping to say the least. There is also the drawing room that has a magnificent fireplace and a chandelier.

The upstairs master bedroom has a dressing room as well as a marble bathroom. The dining room is green and can fit at least twenty guests. The kitchen is not exactly attractive, but it does have state-of-the-art appliances. There is also a breakfast room, gym, steam room and library.

The lawn is amazing as it stretches out far down to the Thames. Besides for the beautiful footbridge that we mentioned earlier, there is also a greenhouse and a garden with mature trees and beds of flowers.

There is a boathouse with a covered dock. There are several moorings and landing points to bring the boat. Don’t forget about the guest cottage which is nothing to sneeze at due to its ability to rival many Hamptons mansions.

Clooney and his new wife were spotted over the weekend at the Bull Inn which was made famous by Jerome K. Jerome’s 1889 novel called the Three Men in a Boat.

Three Men in a Boat

Neighbors seem to be excited about the newbies that are moving in, but some do not believe Clooney will have much time to spend here since he will be working in America so much. It’s just a small hop across the pond though, so who knows how often Clooney will get to visit and spend time.

Some of the neighbors that are close by are famous singers, illusionists and more. When the banker who sold the house asked if he had sold it to Clooney and his new wife, he did not make a comment about it. He said that he couldn’t say, but he did not deny that he had sold it to the Hollywood elite.

Hopefully, we will be able to see some photos of the newlywed couple in their new home, but time will tell.

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Internet surfing is no longer confined to desktops and laptops. Nowadays people use all sorts of devices to browse the net. It makes sense to design a website that is compatible across computers, smart phones and tablets. This is where Responsive Web Design comes to our aide. This technology had surfaced in the market way back in 2012. But in the last year it started creating waves and web designers started taking RWD seriously once they realized its benefits over traditional designing.

Earlier the norm was to have separate websites for mobile platforms and computers. After the user clicks on the URL they would be taken to a website based on the device of the user. Thus the websites had to incur separate development and maintenance cost for each platform dependent version.

RWD goes for an entirely new concept. It creates responsive or intelligent web pages that identify the device from which the request has come and present them in the compatible format. The cost is also reduced to a large extent once the RWD has been implemented.

Another very important point to check is whether RWD websites provide SEO benefits or not. You cannot afford to incorporate every new technology into your website unless it gives you SEO benefits. RWD scores high in this respect too. There are a number of SEO advantages that RWD websites provide:


  1. Google rewards RWD websites

In the Google dominated cyberspace we must keep in mind the way Google rewards or penalizes websites. Google favours RWD websites and in fact they encourage developers to use responsive web designing.

When there is segregation between mobile and desktop websites it means more work for Google search engine. On the other hand an RWD optimized website can be easily crawled on and indexed by the web spiders and results can be presented to the user within a very short time. Thus you can get in the good books of Google if you opt for RWD which is very important if you want your website to get a good rank in the search results.


  1. 1 to 1 mapping for Website to URL

Using RWD you can create 1 website for 1 URL. There is no need to customize a separate website for mobile devices. However in some cases a separate website might be useful. When the data volume is high a different layout is necessary to present all the information on the mobile screen. The same layout as that of the desktop version will become very strenuous to read for the mobile user. But then 2 different websites would mean you would need to bear double costs for the SEO features of both the sites. In case of RWD only one time SEO implementation will serve your purpose.

You will also get ease of sharing as a bonus. Whether the target traffic is a mobile user, or a tablet user or a laptop user is immaterial to you. 1 website will cater to the needs of all.


  1. Low Bounce Rate

A website featuring high in search results also often faces the issue of high bounce rate. To make a website suitable for viewing through mobile devices the designers often edit the content ruthlessly and the end product might turn out to be something totally different from that on the original website. This will result in a high bounce rate and Google will penalize the website ranking as a consequence.


bounce rate

A RWD website will take care of this problem. Since the website is presented across different platforms the issue of irrelevant content does not arise at all. This helps in keep a check on the bounce rate. The website is assured of getting a good rank from Google.


  1. Enhanced User Experience

The modern day internet users are as likely to view content through their mobile phones and tablets as through their laptops and desktops. So it is imperative that the content remains exactly same for both views. RWD websites can be easily used for information sharing. A person can send an interesting link from his laptop to his friend who could be viewing the same in his mobile phone. The sender would not need to worry about whether the intended information got lost in transit if the website has implemented RWD.

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Entrepreneurs today don’t just need to be excellent at producing and delivering their products but also need to get a knack of marketing themselves and their companies online. The digital age has revolutionized the business world with more and more productivity witnessed through online marketing.

The Boston Consulting Group’s “Digital Manifesto” recently made an alarming prediction based on statistics which stated that by the year 2014, the world would see half of its population that accounts for a total of 3 billion people to become internet users. This is a large number and to find so many people engaged with the Internet is surely a sign for all entrepreneurs today to have their way with the online economy process.

A step has been taken by the Carnegie Club through their ‘The Carnegie Club Presents: Entrepreneurship in the Digital Age”. It is organized In order to educate the students regarding opportunities in the Entrepreneurship field and how to get into it. So what is new in this event would be your next question? The event won’t be like the conventional ones which we find arranged by most of our educational centers, vocational courses or independent associations. Here, the event would see big names from the Digital world come on stage and advice students regarding opportunities in becoming an Entrepreneur.

Hendrik Geiger who is the Head of events for this particular event informed about the panelists who would take charge of the sessions during the event. These panelists include Neeta Patel. For those who don’t know who is Neena Patel; she is the CEO of the New Entrepreneurs Foundation. As she is an experienced soul in the area of Entrepreneurship, she would be giving the students an interesting talk on “becoming your own boss straight out of University”. Now this title sounds crazy but believe it could happen and to prove it we have real life examples who after quitting or graduating, went against the conventional attitudes and did something great and powerful for which they would be remembered for many days to comes.

Another well-known personality to attend the event is Mr. J. Todd Morley who is the Founder, Chairman as well as the CEO of the G2 Investment Group and also the co-founder of Guggenheim Partners LLC which is a multi-million dollar investment fund. Getting the secret recipe for success out of an individual of his caliber is an achievement in itself. He is surely going out to give some serious advices on how to make your business flourish in today’s technology age by optimizing the use of Digital services in every sector.

rocket internet logo

The Managing Director of Rocket Internet, the same company which has become the most successful among all with respect to Internet startups would be providing personal suggestions and ideas regarding money making through the Internet. Now he would the best person to take advices if you want to use this digital age to your optimum levels and capacity. Internet has integrated all forms of business, business processes, business marketing and even consumption and production. Therefore, a thorough know how of everything related to the Internet that would give a kick start to your business is important to know as it would facilitate long term growth. SEO is a major component of internet marketing, but should be studied separately from this type of marketing since it is a very unique skill. Ungagged 2014 is a SEO conference that combines knowledge from the most respected internet marketers and it is something that is worth attending if you want to learn some tricks about SEO.

Students are very keen with respect to the event and are waiting with hopeful eyes to gather as much knowledge as possible that would empower them to become future entrepreneurs ready to rule the world. Often, are completing the basic studies, students are clueless regarding where they need to start. This event would be fruitful in answering this question as it would include the imparting of skills best used to determine your perfect career choice. The internet is getting larger day by day and an exploration of the availability of digital jobs would entice the students to pick the most appropriate career for themselves. The Carnegie Club wants students to extract the most from this plethora of online prospects.

With more and more technological development occurring at an unimaginable pace, to become flourished with the online jargons is vital as well as indispensable. Be it a retail company, a baby product manufacturing company, a publishing house, a government office, a salon, a blog or a technical service provider, online presence is becoming more and more visible. Most of these entrepreneurs who have understood the seriousness of the digital demands and supply are keen with utilizing it for their maximum benefit.

Many more institutions like St. Andrews should make note of the event and work towards conducting similar occasions so that the young talent is fed with the seed of creativity and hardwork. If they don’t have the budget to call famous people from around the world, then they can just give out talks on the lives and struggles of famous people and how they changed their fortunes by using a mixture of both health and tactfulness.

Social Media is an important element of Internet economies and the reason for this is their ability to reach out to a larger audience belonging to all strata’s of the society. There is no bias while you market and sell your products or your company online. Facebook, twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Google Hangouts etc. and the list just goes on and on. You can adopt anyone or to be more effective try using most of them to make it big online and offline. As more and more people access your online content, there is a greater chance of your product or service to be consumed by consumers. Internet marketing also paves a way for the Recall element of Marketing, Recall refers to the process of an information which stays at a person’s subliminal level and comes out every time an element of association appears.

Just imagine what would happen if the Boston Consulting Group’s prediction becomes true. Half the world accessing the internet would be an exceptional phenomenon as it would alter a lot of production and consumption behavior.

Entrepreneurs therefore need to strap in their seatbelts and be ready for a flight of this magnitude. Be at the forefront of this digital Age and make it a tool to increase your productivity rather than looking at it as a competitor. Already the technology has become accessible in palm sized mobile devices which reflects its strength and gives an idea about its capabilities.

You can get tickets for this event at £5. Don’t lag behind in the race but begin your new journey today so that you are the first to reach your destination.